Profit Snapper - Course Level 1

The most comprehensive training to transform you into a winning trader!

Double Or Even Triple Your Current Returns With Profit Snapper - Course Level 1!

You might have experienced one or more of the following when trading:

  • I have been trading for years but I am still unable to generate consistent profits using my current system.
  • Despite spending hours monitoring the market, I find that I am still unable to get the trading returns that I desire.
  • I am a new trader who is looking for a tested and proven trading system to help me generate consistent profits.
  • My current trading system is already generating consistent profits but I want to refine and improve on it so that I can bring my trading to the next level.

Regardless of which category you belong to, there is one common goal you are working towards: Generate Consistent Profits.

If  you belong to any of the categories mentioned above, know that you are not alone…many other aspiring traders share your sentiments too. In fact, our entire team of highly-trained traders at the Piranha Profits trading desk had been through some of these stages ourselves and we understand your worries and frustrations.

What the system is all about...

Winning Trading System

You will learn in depth, the exact winning trading system that is used by our team of professional traders to generate profits, regardless of market conditions:

Risk Management Strategy

A profitable trading system is just only one part of trading success. Having a disciplined risk management strategy is also critical to your trading success.

Trading Psychology

The final ingredient that is essential to becoming a profitable trader is having a winning trading psychology. trading setbacks and get back on track to becoming a winning trader.

Other Trading Tools

You will also get:

  • Stock screening scripts.
  • Risk Management Calculator
  • Trading Log to record and track your progress.
  • Trade simulator.

Learn the strategies behind our tested and proven system.
Start Trading Like a Professional Today!

Learn how to

You Will Learn

Welcome To Professional Trading
The Secrets to Consistent Trading Profits
Mastering Technical Analysis I
Mastering Technical Analysis II
Position Sizing
Stock Swing Trading System 1: Bounce System
Psychology of Winning Traders
Developing a Trading Plan
Charting & Brokerage Platform

Course Overview

The Profit Snapper – Course Level 1 is a made up of 9 comprehensive lessons with 20 pre-recorded videos in total. It is the same system that Adam Khoo and his team of professional traders use to generate consistent profits over the years.

Refined by professional trader and master trainer of the Profit Snapper – Course Level 1, Adam Khoo will guide you step-by-step on how you can apply the Piranha Profits Stock Trading Course to become a winning trader. You will learn all you need to know to become a winning trader: from mindset to technical analysis, from position sizing to crafting your own trading master plan.

This system has worked especially well for the U.S. markets although some of our students have applied the same strategies and techniques across other markets with success.

Hear what Adam Khoo has to say !

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Stock Trading

  • What Makes Trading the Perfect Business
  • What makes a Trader Successful?
  • Trading Systems and Approaches

Lesson 2 - The Secrets To Consistent Trading Profits

  • The Statistics of Consistent Profits from Random Outcomes
  • Trading like a Casino
  • Developing a Trading System with Positive Expectancy

Lesson 3 - Mastering Technical Analysis I

  • Tenants of Dow Theory and Principles of Technical Analysis
  • Identifying Trends
  • Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply and Demand Zones
  • Mastering Moving Averages

Lesson 4 - Mastering Technical Analysis II

  • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following and Oscillators
  • Using Powerful Candlestick Patterns & Price Action Trading
  • Anticipating Trend Changes with Divergence
  • Market and Sector Analysis

Lesson 5 - Position Sizing

  • Position Sizing and Money Management for Pros
  • Automate Your Trading Business with Order Management
  • Using Leverage with Contract For Differences (CFDs)

Lesson 6 - Stock Swing Trading System 1: Bounce System

  • 2 candle and Single Candle Reversal Patterns
  • Entry and Exit Rules for Bounce Strategy Long and Short Setups
  • Uptrend and Downtrend Wave Patterns and Low Risk Filters
  • Trade Management
  • How to Screen for Bounce trade setups
  • Identifying High Momentum Stocks

Lesson 7 - Psychology Of Winning Traders

  • How Winning Traders Think
  • Managing and Overcoming Negative Emotions
  • How to Manage Temporary Drawdowns
  • Programming Your Mind to become a Winning Trader

Lesson 8 - Developing A Trading Plan

  • Develop a Winning Trading Plan.
  • Learn a Daily Routine that takes just 1-2 hours a day
  • Keeping a Trading Journal
  • Choosing a Stock Broker

Lesson 9 - Charting & Brokerage Platform

  • Stock Charting Tutorial
  • Stock Screening Tutorial
  • Placing Orders On Brokerage Platform

Piranha System Trading Track Records

Take a look at the past performance of the trades using the strategies taught in this course!
*Base on 1% risk per trade

Month Gained Details
JAN 2016 5.5% Trade Details
FEB 2016 8.0% Trade Details
MAR 2016 8.0% Trade Details
APR 2016 -2.0% Trade Details
MAY 2016 7.0% Trade Details
JUN 2016 6.0% Trade Details
JUL 2016 5.9% Trade Details
AUG 2016 -3.0% Trade Details
SEP 2016 -2.0% Trade Details
OCT 2016 7.0% Trade Details
NOV 2016 6.80% Trade Details
DEC 2016 11.0% Trade Details

Course FAQ

I am a complete beginner, will this course be suitable for me ?

Yes ! Adam has structured the course in a way where beginners and advanced traders can easily understand the strategies and fully benefit from it.

Must I finish your Introductory to Stock Trading Series before i enroll?

No, you do not.

The course fees are too expensive, can i have a discount ?

We have done our best and have already given the best rate. Click the button below to find out more !

Can i pay in instalments?

We apologise but this option is unavailable.

Which markets do the Piranha Profits Stock Trading system work well in?

This system has worked especially well for the U.S market although some of our students have applied the same strategies and techniques across other markets with success.

How does the 3 month free trade alerts work ?

Piranha Profits offers a variety of products and Piranha Trade Alerts is one of them. You will be entitled to 3 months of complimentary trade alerts after purchasing Stocks Trading Course Level 1.

Can i exchange the complimentary trade alerts for a discount ?

The complimentary cannot be exchanged for cash or any discounts.

What if I have no more cash left to take new trade setups?

If you buy or sell shares using cash, you may only be able to take 4-5 concurrent positions before you run out of cash. If this is the case, you will not be able to take on any new positions until you exit your existing positions (i.e. their hit target price or stop loss).

For example, your starting capital is $10,000

Each trade requires you to buy $2,500 worth of shares. With 4 open trades, you will use up the entire $10,000 of cash from your account. Note however, that because of your stop loss, each trade only represents a 1% risk of your capital (i.e. $100 risk per trade)

If you use a margin account (broker usually allows you to buy up to 2X your available cash) or if you use CFDs (contract for differences) to buy/sell the underlying stocks, you will be able to easily take on multiple positions and all the trade alerts.

* CFDs are not available for US citizens.

Does your system really work ?

You can view the past performance of the trades generated using our Stocks Trading Course in the “Stock Trade Alerts –> Past Trade Signals 2016/2017” section at

What are some considerations when day-trading in the U.S market?

If you are day-trading stocks in the U.S Market, you may need to maintain at least 25,000 USD in your stock trading account in order to conform to the Pattern Day Trader rule. Alternatively, you may consider day-trading CFDs on U.S stocks in order to avoid this requirement. Kindly note, trading in CFDs is currently not available for U.S citizens.

What Our Students are Saying


“Generated A Return Of 12% In Just One Month Of Trading”

I learnt an easy-to-follow trading system that gives me an edge in the long run with minimum effort. I would only spend 1 to 2 hours daily and trade without biases.

In just one month of trading, I was able to generate a return of 12%. Equipped with a good trading system and having the right trading psychology, I believe I am another step closer to becoming a professional trader.

Kelvin Koh
Commercial Pilot


“My Net Return From Past 7 Months is 32.2%”

Despite 2015 being a volatile year where most major markets ended negative, I continued trading using the system. I let the setup take care of itself and stick to the rules.

In 7 months, my net return past 7 months was 32.2%!

Geraldine Choong
Professional Musician

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